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Commerical Locksmith St Charles, MO

Businesses in St Charles County cities of Wentzville, Troy or Warrenton need to be secure at all times, a breach in the security system can result in a major loss. This is why it is important to invest in our locksmith services. There are a lot of services that commercial properties can benefit from mainly because of the constant traffic in and out of the buildings as well as the assets and sensitive information kept within the building. Our competent Wentzville commercial locksmith company can provide you the different needs of a business. These may include:

Master Key

With a lot of traffic in and out of the business, it is important to ensure that you control how people access the building and who has access to specific areas. There are different options for access control, which include Master Key Systems. Setting it up requires a well-trained locksmith company like us with experience in implementing the system effectively.

Lock Rekeying

This is a service many commercial clients ask us especially when they need to regain control of who has access to a building. This is done typically when someone no longer works within the building and the company would like to ensure that they do not regain access to the building using a duplicate key they may have made earlier. Rekeying makes a building safer and takes an expert locksmith to implement.

Cabinet and Desk Locks

It is not just the doors that help with security, cabinets and desks store valuable files or even money for the business. The locks on these cabinets and desks need to be in fine working order and well secured. Our locksmith can ensure that the locks work or can help install secure locks that cannot be picked easily. Also, if any of the keys get lost, they can help you regain access to the cabinet.

Keyless Access

Most modern commercial buildings have keyless access. This is not just more secure, it is also convenient. You do not have to carry around a bunch of keys in order to gain access to a number of areas within the building. You could use a single card that is programmed to provide access to particular areas and if that gets lost, our locksmith can reprogram a new card and block the old one. Alternatively, fingerprints can be used to provide access and this is even better since fingerprints cannot get lost.

Any Lock Problems/Lock Repairs

There may be many other issues with locks within a commercial building and our expert commercial locksmith would be on hand to attend to the problem and find a solution. Call our trusted Wentzville commercial locksmith near you.

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