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Residential Locksmith St Charles, MO

The most common reason people call us is because they are locked out of their home. Our professional residential locksmith in St Charles County City of Wentzville will treat every call as an emergency, so the moment you let them know your problem, they will do their best to get to your location to ensure you do not stay out of your home.There are other services we can offer other than helping you regain access to your home:

Lock Upgrades

Burglaries are a constant threat and quality locks help to prevent them. Upgrading your locks periodically is a good way to keep burglars out. Technology usually comes up with safer options, so changing the locks to have a more secure system in place is a good idea. Our locksmith can give you an estimate for the upgrade and once you go through the details you can inform them when it is convenient to have the work done.

Lock Change or Rekey

This is another common practice for safety purposes. You may have had a breakup and want to ensure the other person does not have access to the house again, or you may have lost your keys and cannot be sure who may have ended up with them. Changing the locks or having them rekeyed will provide you with control over the access of your home. It is also a practice recommended for people who have moved into a new house or apartment, since you cannot be sure who else had access to the locks you find in a new place. To avoid the guessing and worrying, have our residential locksmith change the locks.

Lock Repair

Different things may make a lock get jammed, it could be kids playing with the key, a broken key in the lock or even old locks. No matter the cause, a jammed lock is a safety threat and needs to be addressed quickly. Our residential locksmith in Wentzville can assess the situation and remedy it. For example, if a key broke inside, they have special tools to extract the key and then ensure the lock is working correctly. For old locks, they may recommend an upgrade or change.

Mailbox Locks

It is not just the doors that may have problems. Sometimes you may fail to get to your mail because the lock for the mailbox has jammed. Call our local Wentzville, Troy, or Warrenton locksmith to attend to the problem and your mailbox will be functioning again without any problems.

It does not matter what time of the day, residential locks can be an emergency and we are available to assist you. You just have to call and rely on our residential locksmith expert to come to your rescue. Contact us today for affordable residential locksmith services.

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